Social Impact Bonds

Women's Heart Health

Circulatory diseases are the leading cause of death in Manitoba. For women, signs of heart disease often go unrecognized. Additionally, rates of heart disease in women come at a significant cost to society and the individuals involved.

The Manitoba government, Reh-Fit Centre and the Victoria General Hospital Foundation partnered to create a social impact bond that will reduce heart disease risk for women in Manitoba. Designed with key partners in Shared Health and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, this social impact bond will provide a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of women’s heart health and support post-pandemic efforts to increase physical activity levels.

Virtual health behavioural mentoring sessions will be provided to nearly 400 women at risk of heart disease. Success metrics will focus on the number of individuals who participate in an initial assessment to determine program eligibility, the number of individuals who reduce their systolic blood pressure and the number of individuals who increase their participation in physical activity.

Women's Heart Health in Numbers

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Approximately 80 per cent of heart attacks can be prevented by being physically active, eating fruits and vegetables, and avoiding smoking.