CWD Results for Manitoba

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Results KEY:

  • ‘Negative for CWD’ – CWD prions not detected in submitted sample.
  • ‘Untestable’ – Wrong tissue type submitted or sample was missing, decomposed, or damaged.
  • ‘Pending’ – Sample received and undergoing testing a accredited laboratory. Check back at a later date for results.’
  • ‘Contact Wildlife Health Program’ – Sample not tested, more information required. Contact the Wildlife Health Program at citing the sample number in the subject line.’

Results not showing?

  • Try removing the zero from the start of the Sample Number.  For example, Sample Number 012345 should be entered as Sample Number 12345.
  • Your sample information may not have been updated as yet.  Data entry can be affected by travel delays, weekends, and holidays.  Try searching again later.
  • Some internet browsers may not be compatible with the database.  Try using an up-to-date version of Microsoft Edge.
  • Results still not found? – contact the CWD Team at, please cite your sample number in the subject line.