Better Health Care Sooner


The roadmap outlines the different projects and timelines for implementing the health system changes. The Health System Transformation Program will have three waves of changes over the next five years.

Wave One: Realigning

The first wave of change is happening now, and is focused on realigning and/or unifying the roles of health care organizations. The blueprint and roadmap are guiding specific improvements, such as realigning emergency medical services and patient transport, and developing an implementation plan to improve mental health and addictions services.

Wave Two: Extending Service Delivery

In the second wave, the focus will be on improving processes to achieve more consistent health service delivery throughout the province. Important changes in this wave will include changes to line up workforce needs with clinical services and bring some provincial services under the management of Shared Health.

Wave Three: Optimizing

In wave three, the focus will be on improving how the health system performs. This includes ensuring planning, implementation and negotiations are connected across all of the health system transformation projects.