Better Health Care Sooner

Health System Transformation: A Five-year Plan

A better health system is one with a simple structure that makes it easier to access care. The benefits include:

The Health System Transformation Program has been established to guide the thoughtful planning and phased implementation of broad health system changes to improve the quality, accessibility and efficiency of health care services province-wide and ensure better health care sooner.

A blueprint and road map for a Five-year Plan

A leadership team has been established, including representatives from across the health system. The team has developed a blueprint and a roadmap that set out a path for transforming the health system and ensuring better health care sooner. For more information :

These plans are based on data, leading practices, experiences from other jurisdictions, the expertise of Manitoba clinicians and broad stakeholder engagement with more than 80 stakeholder groups and organizations.

The transformation leadership team will continue to engage in discussions with various groups and organizations as the transformation in the health care system progresses. To read the blueprint and view the roadmap, visit: