COVID-19 Vaccine

Immunization Cards and Immunization Records

For Visitors to Manitoba

Visitors to Manitoba may be required to show proof of vaccination to attend certain locations and events that require immunization. The following documents are considered valid proof of immunization in Manitoba: 

  • Manitoba Digital Immunization Card 
  • National Defence Canada Covid-19 Vaccine Record / Card 
  • Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Travel Vaccination Record 
  • Pan-Canadian Proof of Vaccination Credential 
  • an official document issued by other Canadian provinces or territories containing information of a person's COVID-19 vaccination history

See samples of: Provincial and National Defence Canada Immunization Records (pdf) 

International travelers: Immunization documentation submitted to Canadian border service officials and government-issued photo identification that confirms their citizenship 

Visitors are strongly encouraged to check the Eligibility section under Questions and Answers on the Province of Manitoba | For Residents website page