Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Testing for Travellers

Testing for Pre-Travel

Manitoba COVID-19 testing sites are designed to offer testing to individuals who are experiencing symptoms or who have been identified as a close contact by public health officials. Testing is also recommended for arriving and returning travellers whether or not they have symptoms. Individuals without symptoms who require a test for the purpose of pre-travel continue to be advised to seek testing at a private facility. For information on where to access testing for outbound travel, please visit:

Individuals without symptoms of COVID-19, including those fully immunized, travelling to or returning to, a First Nations or Indigenous and Northern Relations community can seek testing within three days of travel at no cost.

Domestic Travellers

Domestic travellers who are not exempt from quarantine in the orders should be tested for COVID-19 immediately upon arrival in Manitoba, regardless of if they are displaying symptoms, and whether they are visiting Manitoba or are returning from out of the province. They should make an appointment with a provincial testing site by calling 1-855-268-4318 or visit a drive-thru test site, and indicate at the time of testing that they have been out of the province and share the location of travel.

Testing is also recommended 10 days after arrival in Manitoba, if the test performed immediately after arrival was negative and they have not had a positive test within the last three months. All travellers, unless exempt in the orders, must observe the full 14-day self-isolation (quarantine) period regardless of symptoms and test results. Re-testing is advised if an asymptomatic individual develops symptoms at any point, unless the individual had already tested positive.

International Travellers

International travellers must follow self-isolation (quarantine) and testing guidance outlined in theáFederal Quarantine Act.