Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Rapid Antigen Test Locations

Manitobans are encouraged to pick up rapid antigen tests to have on hand, before they develop symptoms. Rapid antigen test kits are currently available free of charge across the province. Please note that hours and supply are subject to change. 

For more information on how to use a rapid test, visit:



How to Use the Map

  • RA Test Kit distributors are indicated on the map with icons for Retail , Community Libraries , and Pharmacies .
  • Click a RA Test Kit distributor icon in the map to see store hours and contact information for that distributor.
  • Press the + and - buttons on the map to zoom the map in and out, or use the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • RA Test Kit distributor icons with a number indicate multiple distributors within an area. Zoom in to view distributors more precisely.
  • Use the Locate icon to zoom to your current location.
  • Use the Home icon to return to the full map and list of distributors.

How to Use the List

  • Browse the list of RA Test Kit distributors that currently have kits available.
  • The list will include distributors that are currently displayed on the map.
  • The list can be sorted alphabetically by town/city or site name by selecting City or town or Site name at the top right of the list.
  • Select a distributor from the list to zoom to its location on the map. Click on the home icon to return to the full map and list of distributors.
  • Click the Show French Services button to filter distributors that have services available in French. To remove the filter, click Remove French filter.