Budget 2017

Budget 2017 - Responsible Recovery

A Plan for our Province

Manitobans have to set priorities and make plans based on what they can afford. They make decisions about their personal budgets every day. They expect no less from their own government.

Budget 2017 sets out a strong plan for our province as we work to correct our course and steadily pursue improvements year over year. It is built for - and by - Manitobans following an unprecedented 18,000 interactions with Manitoba families, front line workers, small businesses and employers, each of whom provided their input on the future direction of our province.

While our provincial neighbours are pursuing paths involving stark decisions, some choosing higher taxes and others pursuing increased spending, Manitoba's Budget 2017 charts a moderate and responsible course for our province. It is based on solutions that control government spending and invest appropriately in front line services - to ensure that the right help is available for Manitobans, in the right place and at the right time.

While our inherited challenges require us to make difficult decisions, Budget 2017 avoids drastic measures, choosing instead to responsibly move Manitoba along the road to recovery while maintaining our government's commitment to making Manitoba the most improved province in all of Canada. Budget 2017 focuses on: